A company’s ability to be identified or recognized often affects its bottom line. Business signs can be extremely beneficial for a company in several ways, perhaps most importantly by increasing brand recognition.

A business sign communicates the quality of service or products offered. For many companies, business signs help people identify a specific location. That’s important when a business needs customers to come to it.

The best business signs begin with a good custom design. The company’s logo should be able to be incorporated into the different types of signage the business will need as it grows with its customer base.

Quality materials, professional construction and sound installation give a business the signs it can be proud to display in its place or places of business.

Exterior Signs

A business sign may be an external electrical sign located above the storefront of a business, or perhaps a monument sign constructed out of brick or steel located near a road or highway. The types of signs, their design and the materials used to construct them are numerous. Every business has its own unique circumstances that determine which type and style of sign will best serve it as it increases brand recognition.

Interior Signs

When people enter a business, the interior business signs extend the opportunity to be remembered. Here a business has the opportunity to make its signage front and center to the customer. Location, size and lighting of interior signs help to set the customer’s first impression and experience as they begin or continue to do business with the company.

Lobby signs and custom wall murals, whether located in the reception area, conference room or other public space, are examples of interior business signage. Using reclaimed material for some business signs not only creates a unique look and feel for the sign, but gives the sign a story. Whether the description and history of the sign is told because the customer asked, or if it is conveyed with a plaque or flyer, these types of reclaimed signs enhance people’s experience of a business and help them remember the company. Many will tell others the signs’ story.

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