Creating Your Monument Sign

Monument signs make a strong impression on your future and current customers and represent your business on a large scale, so you want them to be both well-designed and clearly-branded. These large signs are freestanding and exist outside your business, often at the entrances of parks, churches, developments, subdivisions or hotels. Other businesses ranging from gated communities to restaurants to music venues use monument signs to herald their services and champion their brands.

What makes a great monument sign? Read on!

Elements of a Successful Monument Sign

Monument signs that engage the public are most often mounted on stone, brick, or wood bases, or use side pillars to hold them up. Many times, as denoted by the word “monument,” sign builders use a large amount of stone, brick, or concrete in the base, which they then lay in a concrete foundation. This technique differs from a post-and-panel style of construction, and conveys a long-standing, established quality.  To save costs, sign companies often use High Density Urethane (HDU) that gives a faux cement, stone or brick look while being versatile and stable.


Your company’s brand is everything. It’s what people remember when they hear your name. It includes the associations potential customers make when they hear about your services. Signs with good branding showcase visuals that express exactly what you want your customers to understand and value about your business. On a visual as large as a monument sign, good branding is essential, something our skilled team at NW Sign Solutions is happy to help you develop.


Your logo is the image and wording associated with your business. Here at NW Sign Solutions, we can help you develop your own logo or transfer the logo you have onto your monument sign.

Unsure how to start? Our team of experts is well-versed in thousands of fonts and graphic styles and can help you decide how you want the world to see your business. Bold, delicate, traditional or eclectic, we can help you capture the essence of your endeavors, so the world can take note.

Are you interested in using monument signage to promote your business? The experienced team at NW Sign Solutions is happy to discuss options with you.

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