Wallcoverings have the power to add style and visual appeal to any room in your home, office or place of business by turning entire interior or exterior walls into custom graphics.

Whether you want to brighten an existing room or establish a creative yet professional atmosphere in the entryway of your headquarters, our experts have extensive experience and would love to help make your vision a reality.

Our team at NW Sign Solutions has been providing the absolute best in design and installation for both residential and commercial clients for years. Our team is fully equipped to handle every step of your wallcovering journey, from dream stage to finished product.

Type II, certified, commercial-grade, digital wallcoverings are the modern solution to large-scale decorating and branding. Developed for the wide-format digital printers and ink systems of today, these stunning visuals are fully customizable and eliminate the usual size constraints associated with traditional printing.

We use a variety of materials that fit the specific needs for each location. High traffic areas such as halls and restrooms often require a more durable commercial grade Wallcovering allowing it to stand up to the constant cleaning required. On the other end of the spectrum is a removable fabric that installs without any additional adhesive and removes easily, requiring no cleanup or repairs to the walls.

Walls make up some of the largest spaces in your home or office. Yet, they often remain unadorned or cluttered with frames in a manner that fails to express the essence of your personality, business, and creative vision.

Wallcoverings are an incredible way to share your style and interests with those who visit your home or business. Each custom design adds depth and dynamism to any space. For businesses, wallcoverings present an excellent branding opportunity, whether you decide to use your logo or slogan on your wall or dream up a covering that reflects your brand purpose and emotions.

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