NW Sign Solutions is an industry leader in vehicle wraps in Vancouver WA and beyond. Our winning designs can be applied to cars, trucks, fleet, vehicles, and more. Boat wraps round out our vibrant selection of vehicle wrap services.

Business and recreational boat owners searching online for boat wraps near me have arrived at their final port of call.

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What Is A Boat Wrap?

You’ve likely seen vehicle wraps when you’re out driving around town. And you’re not the only one — not by any stretch of the imagination. Vehicle wraps (or mobile wraps, of which boat wraps are a part), attract thousands of visual impressions every day.

Mobile wraps can attract so many eyeballs in a single day that they become one of the best marketing investments a business owner can make. In fact, with enough travel and wrapped vessels, boat wraps can cost just a few cents for every thousand impressions.

Furthermore, according to RYP & Becker Group, “messages on outdoor mobile billboards have a 97% recall rate.” So not only are a lot of people likely to see your messaging; they’re likely to remember it.

Plus, you’ll discover that your boat wrap lasts for years. It wouldn’t be at all surprising to find a boat wrap looking as good as new five to seven years after its application. (Naturally, exposure to the elements, especially saltwater, may reduce the wrap’s longevity, but it won’t diminish its impact.)

A boat wrap is a graphic film applied to the vessel with heat. This turns your boat into a floating advocate for your business and services.

Boat graphics are fun and vibrant, and you can keep them looking as good as new with just soap and water. A vinyl boat wrap will keep its original color, graphic design, and print legibility (i.e., the boat’s lettering) for many years to come with just a bit of soapy buffing and polishing.

So if you’re in Vancouver or Portland — or in any part of the Southwest Washington or Northwest Oregon metropolitan areas — a boat wrap is close at hand.

There are so many advantages of boat wraps.

Eye-catching custom designs for business owners and recreational boat owners. Colored wraps for fishing guides? We can do that. Using high-quality materials and installed by the expert custom wrap specialists at NW Sign Solutions, your custom boat wrap will get you noticed.

Many Affordable Options

How much does it cost to vinyl wrap a boat? They start right around $500 to $600, but it will depend on several factors, such as size and the number of colors. Once we have the design ready to go, the sign experts at NW Sign Solutions can have your boat wrapped in as little as one day!

Keep in mind that if you prefer just to have a few vinyl graphics affixed to your boat, the price will be much lower than the price of a full wrap job.

NW Sign Solutions: Boat Wraps in Vancouver WA

We’ve been in business since 2007. And we’ve been part of this community for even longer. We’re fellow business owners just like you, and we want to help you succeed.

Our team is small, but our output is big. We’ll work with you from start to finish to come up with a boat wrap that delivers results and satisfies your sense of style.

And remember: Your boat wrap doesn’t have to be business-related. We can apply a spectacular boat wrap on anybody’s boat to give it some panache. We love to wrap boats in inventive and original designs for private boat owners. In fact, a lot of boat owners prefer to wrap their boats instead of repainting the entire vessel.

But if you are a business looking for boat wraps in Vancouver or Portland, let’s think about what you might want to include on the vessel itself.

Of course, you’re probably going to want the basics: your business’ identifying information — its name, website, and phone number. Beyond that, it’s really up to you and your imagination.

Get in touch to get a feel for our full range of prices and boat wrap solutions.

And while you’re here, consider some of our other signage, too. We can provide you with a suite of signage and marketing solutions that deliver brand awareness to your business and customers to your door — whether your door is physical or virtual, or somewhere in between.

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