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The Pacific Northwest may not have invented the food cart pod (or cluster) scene, but it certainly helped popularize it. Not only are food cart pods and food trucks a regular part of daily life here in the PNW, but tourists regularly include these destinations on their itineraries.

Waterfalls and volcanoes? Check.

Pacific Coast? Check.

Food carts? Check. (And yum!)

NW Sign Solutions can enhance the look and curb appeal of food carts and food trucks with an array of excellent and effective vehicle wraps designed specifically for the needs of their owners.

Food Cart Culture

It’s no secret that food cart culture and the awareness of food trucks and food cart pods have grown dramatically in the last few years. You can now find food carts scattered throughout downtown areas. You can find them in business parks and industrial parks. You can even find them in the parking lots of convenience stores.

That’s all well and good. We love food carts! But will your food cart or food truck draw visitors once they find the pod itself? We can draw people in; your great food will keep them coming back for more.

Competition is fierce — not only for customers but for space. Food cart owners and food truck owners need an eye-catching design that imparts the special attributes that make up your food business.

Thus, it’s not only important to have great food but a great appearance as well. Having a wrap on your food cart/truck not only helps get the business noticed; it also helps the cart or trucks themselves look more professional and appealing to customers.

Think about it: Just as food that looks good seems to taste better, a business that looks good is simply more appealing, attractive, and approachable as well!

A Creative Partnership

When you partner with the signage pros at NW Sign Solutions, you’re getting a team of Vancouver sign experts whose work appears throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Even the quickest glimpse at our portfolio reveals a wide range of indoor signage, outdoor signage, and branding and event solutions for a tremendous variety of clients and businesses.

Our work includes business signs, electronic signs, lobby signage, wall coverings and murals, window graphics, directional signs, ADA signage, monument signs, and much more.

Food Cart Vehicle Wraps

We’ve long touted the importance of vehicle wraps for businesses with mobile operations. For food trucks, the effect can be tremendous. Even though food trucks typically park and serve, they commute to those locations. It’s during the commute that a vehicle wrap does its best work.

For example, a vehicle wrap for a food truck can include the locations where the truck parks and serves. And if the imagery and information on the truck itself are enticing enough, don’t be surprised if people start showing up wherever and whenever the truck is parked.

Proprietors should also consider the fact that the return on investment for vehicle wraps is potentially huge compared with other types of signage.

While individual totals vary by region, outdoor signage costs about $3.56 per thousand impressions.

For newspapers, it’s a whopping $19.70 per thousand impressions.

For vehicle wraps? Just $0.04 per thousand impressions.

And whether you’re wrapping a truck or a stationary food cart (within a pod/cluster or on its own), a wrap is produced with high quality and long-lasting materials.

In any case, the laminate needs to be the best available (and it will be!) in order to protect the inks from fading. This means the wrap will look bright and sharp for many years to come!

A New Look

If you’re looking to redo your food cart, food truck, or trailer wrap — whether you’re expanding or just starting up your food truck business — give us the opportunity to design, create and install a wrap that will catch people’s eyes and increase your business.

There’s a lot of information that you can include without cluttering up the design, too. For example, we see an increasing number of owners adding QR codes to their food cart and food truck wraps. These are helpful ways to allow your customers to get a taste of what’s on your menu. It can also lead them directly to your social media accounts, your website, ordering forms, and more.

Finally, food cart and food truck owners can also add social media handles to give people the option to check out the business on different platforms. Roving carts use this as an effective tactic to let customers know where they’ll be parked at any given time.

And of course, we can also create a custom-designed A-frame sign that includes your menu or a list of food specials.

Have an idea for your food cart/food truck wraps? Let’s see what NW Sign Solutions can do for you!

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