Trailer wraps improve your brand awareness in the communities you live and work.

If you use your vehicle for a lot of different situations, a vinyl vehicle wrap may not make sense. But if you have a trailer that’s used exclusively for work or promotional purposes, trailer wraps make all the sense in the world. It sets you apart from the rest of the non-descript trailers out on the road as well as creates visual interest for your brand.

NW Sign Solutions takes care of the design, printing, and installation of the perfect wrap for your enclosed trailer, travel trailer, open trailer, and other types of trailers. Using your graphics, or visuals created by our team, your trailer will offer a unique way to show people your company, your work, or your personality.

For more than 15 years, we’ve been making custom trailer wrapping for both public and private entities. Northwest Sign Solutions can produce matching trailer and truck wraps for a construction company or vinyl trailer wraps for a high school robotics team – there are no limits!. We produce high-quality wraps that increase your brand awareness wherever you go.

We create full wraps and graphics, partial wraps, and vinyl lettering to produce a look and feel that fit your specific requirements. Our graphic designers are experts in the field and the design process accounts for the size, contours, and desired coverage of your trailer. If you have an idea for an enclosed trailer wrap, we can deliver.

Trailer Wraps as Advertising

Part of promoting your brand is using it whenever you can, creating a certain “top of mind awareness” for current and potential clients. If you use your logo on your products, your website, and your business cards, why not on your work trailer?

Whether on the job or driving to the worksite, trailer wraps turn your vehicle into a rolling billboard. In a neighborhood, it can even create a little buzz with potential customers about your company. As others start to think about their own home improvement projects, your name is front and center.

Promotional Uses

Outside of the service industries, trailer wraps are used as promotional tools for local television and radio stations, community organizations, public service groups, and more. Trailer wraps are an awesome way to get your name out there while you’re getting your work done.

Think of motocross, stock cars, and other forms of racing or sporting events. Trailer wraps are a great way to promote sponsors, products, and even the events themselves as you travel from town to town. While at the event, the upgraded look of your trailer will give you a look of professionalism as well.

Trailer Wraps for Personal Use

If you like to announce your presence with authority, what better way than with a wrap for your vehicle, boat, or trailer? Some people may be happy with a bumper sticker or a small decal on their back window. With a trailer wrap, you can let people know what you’re about in a big way.

Whether you camp, show horses around the country, or are part of the entertainment industry, you can spread the word wherever you go! Our trailer wraps are made from heavy-duty materials, which means you can be on the road 365 days a year and not have to worry about the wear and tear of the road.

Work With Experts in the Vehicle Wrapping Field

In addition to trailer graphic wraps, NW Sign Solutions also excels in custom vinyl decals, fleet graphics, car wraps, as well as wraps for boats, food trucks, and more. But we also create signage for brick and mortar stores and offices, as well as banners, signs, and wallcoverings.

We offer signage for indoor (lobbies, indoor murals, trade shows) and outdoor (fencing, ADA, monument signs) uses, both stationary and moveable. If you’re looking to spiff up your trailer, improve the appearance of your storefront, or get yourself noticed in a convention hall, contact NW Sign Solutions today.

Fleet graphics that make an impression!

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