Branding your lobby or entryway is one of the best ways you can re-iterate your image to visitors and potential customers.

Displaying a company’s logo and/or name in the entrance of their business would be referred to as a lobby sign in the sign industry. Lobby signs can be dimensional or have flat surfaces, painted or with vinyl overlays, traditional or custom. Common materials used in lobby signs are sign foam, PVC-Sintra, acrylic, aluminum and even steel or reclaimed metal.

While these signs are not commonly illuminated, they are often accented by spot lights. Lobby signs are the focal point in a lobby and more often than not located behind the reception desk.

First impressions can be difficult to change. A business can set the tone for a customer’s experience by creating an inviting and professional space in their lobby. Many businesses are using reclaimed wood in their lobbies, for the accent wall or even desks. Designing a sign that ties in with any created lobby or entrance space is vital to making the most out of that “Welcome to our Business” opportunity.

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