Business Signs – Which Type is Right for Your Company? (Part 1)

The first choice most customers go with when thinking of signage, is business signs. Is your business a new startup company? Does your enterprise need updated branding? Are you opening up a new location or moving offices? Maybe you need help with expanding and customer acquisition. Or, maybe you just want new, innovative ways to get your company name and brand out there. Whatever the reasons may be, NW Sign Solutions, Inc. has the answers to your business sign needs!

Business signs offer a multitude of functionality and purpose. There are so many different options and possibilities; it can be daunting trying to figure out what type of sign is the right one for you and your business requirements. Each choice offers its own advantage and purpose. Some may be too costly while others may not portray the right type of message. Business signs include, but are not limited to, building signs, monument signs, interior and lobby signs, window graphics, temporary/event signs, and wallcoverings/murals. A newer type of business “sign” is now becoming a must to stay current and well-advertised: vehicle graphics. The purpose, popularity, affordability, and different possibilities with vehicle graphics are so vast; we’ll be doing a separate blog just on that topic! The first choice most customers go with when thinking of signage, is building signs.

Business signs can also be placed on the outside of buildingsBuilding signs are mounted to the outside of a building, usually above the front door or on a soffit. These signs can be electrical with lit backing, dimensional letters and logo shapes, flat letters and shapes and these letters can be painted or covered in custom vinyl. Having your name and logo visible and attached to your business furthers your brand recognition. A big benefit of having business signs on the outside of your building is the quality can reflect positively on your company. Good, quality building signs portrays that you offer superior services and products. Walking into a building and seeing a unique and beautifully designed building sign can instill confidence in any customers or clients that may be looking to do business with you. While having your name on the building is important and the most common way of stamping your brand, there’s also an option of monument signs.

Business signs like this one are an easy way to attract potential customers

Monument signs are exterior freestanding units that are not mounted or attached to a building. Usually installed with concrete and posts in the ground, this type of sign is generally the most permanent type. Because of this, monument signs give a sense of stability in the community, given that your company must be established to have your brand marked so solidly. Being freestanding signs, they are usually used to advertise your business and alert customers of your location or entrance. They can also be illuminated, either internally or with external spotlights. The materials these can be made out of vary. Brick and stone are commonly used, but there’s also the option of wood, aluminum or high density foam. Readability is a very strong point of these signs since they’re usually large and to the point. Monument signs usually require a sign permit from the city or county and that process is something that NW Sign Solutions can help you with.

Business signs Vancouver WA

Our next blog will continue the topic on different types of signage options, including lobby signs and even window graphics. Be sure to check back in or contact us about crafting your business signs today.

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