Business Signage To Enhance Your Brand

Business signage enhances a company’s brand and image in the minds of consumers. It reinforces an image, a theme, and a feeling about that business. And while it does that, it also does something much more fundamental and basic: It alerts passersby to your location — both those looking for it and those happening upon it.

Small business owners can really benefit from the use of business signage to enhance their brand. At NW Sign Solutions, we’re small business owners just like you. We know firsthand how important branding and messaging has been for our own growth.

Like many of you, we pulled ourselves out from under the mess that was the 2008 recession and continued to build — and build upon — our brand’s messaging. Now we’ve grown to a full-service custom sign solutions team! Our office features not just a production manager, but an in-house graphic designer and installer, as well as a talented group of subcontractors.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs

We’re perhaps best known for our memorable mobile signage. Vehicle wraps are a unique and effective form of business signage. Many of our customer’s designs are produced in-house. And they’re extremely versatile, with the ability to update, as needed.

Traditional signage, however, is a more permanent and lasting mark. The digital world continues to grow. Businesses reshape and adapt to changes in the retail and services climate.

Meanwhile, one thing remains the same: the need for big, bold, memorable business signage that enhances your brand. The world is increasingly digitized. But traditional signage still has a tremendous role to play in marketing, advertising, and branding.

In fact, reports that “more than half of small-business owners find in-store signage and graphics effective in attracting customers, according to the results of a nationwide survey commissioned by FedEx Office.”

Here’s something even better as far as the future of business signage is concerned. also reports that “64 percent of millennial small-business owners (age 18 to 34) place value on creativity in graphics and signage.” In other words, “old-fashioned” or traditional signage isn’t going anywhere.

NW Sign Solutions

We are the industry leader in indoor and outdoor signage in Vancouver, Washington. Our custom outdoor signs and custom indoor signs benefit companies in a lot of ways; they increase brand recognition, for one thing. They also communicate stability, integrity, and — depending on the brand — any number of other virtues and values.

We can work with you to create attractive exterior signs, interior signs, monument signs, aluminum signs, lobby signs, directional signs, and custom wall murals. We can use reclaimed material to give your business sign additional texture and appeal.

In short, we can do just about anything.

Be sure to check out our portfolio. It includes a collection of business signage that shows the wide range of options and creativity available.

As we like to say, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

NW Signs has been in business serving the greater Vancouver WA area since 2007. We’re locally owned and operated, and we’re ready to do business. Let us wow you, not just with our design expertise, but with our standard-setting customer service.

Let’s get started on your business signage project. Give us a call today.


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