Effective Brand Marketing: How to Choose the Best Car Wrap Colors

Choosing a color for your car wrap depends on a number of factors. For marketing and advertising purposes, most business owners choose something that matches the color palette of their company’s other branding material.

However, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to the best car wrap colors. (All you have to do is decide which color you want the sky: dark sky blue, deep sky blue, French sky blue … )

Keep in mind that there are colors in every shade of your original branding material. You might choose a complementary color, an analogous color, or what’s called a split complementary color. As we continue across the color spectrum, there are also what are known as triadic colors, tetradic colors, and monochromatic colors.

We’d like to keep this blog post as nontechnical as possible, though. So let’s approach this topic from a slightly different angle while later providing examples of some color schemes listed in the previous paragraph.

color-car-wrapFinding the best car wrap colors is really just a combination of branding consistency, personal preference, and science.

According to a study on the impact of color in marketing, researchers found that customers prefer certain colors which add up to 90% of sales of both online and offline products.

For effective brand marketing, it’s clear that choosing your best colors is a critical step and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Your favorite color, though probably wonderful, might not be the best choice to convey the meaning and/or message of your brand. You want to appeal to the desires of your potential customer, and that should be the driving force to determining the colors to represent your business.

NW Sign Solutions: Branding Made Easy

Here at NW Sign Solutions, our in-house creative team can take what you dream and make it a branded reality. With wrap vinyl options in every color imaginable, a full, or even a partial wrap,  spreads the message and vibe of your business. Plus – and this is a great bonus –  it protects your car and can last for years outdoors.

With car wraps, there’s a lot of room for creativity. For example, a wrap film can be used on windows, and the car vinyl itself can be made to look as if your company’s vehicle is adorned in a variety of finishes.

Color Emotion GuideWhen it comes time to choose the best car wrap color for your branding needs, we’ll work with you to pinpoint precisely what it is about your business that you’d like to convey out there on the road. Factors such as your target audience, your brand attributes, and the culture of your customer base are important to consider when choosing your wrap colors. And keep in mind – color is a powerful tool that can have an impact on people’s perception and emotions. You want to make sure you’re tapping into the emotions that make sense for your business!

Colors, Colors, Everywhere

Earlier we mentioned several aspects of the color spectrum that you might consider in your search for the best car wrap colors. Let’s return to a few of them now.

Let’s say your branding scheme features red and silver. Here are some additional colors that could work well.

Remember: These are just suggestions based on color compatibility. The best colors are those that adequately and accurately express your company’s branding identity while conforming to your own idea of what makes a car wrap awesome.

For the RED in your branding:

Complementary Color
#00ffff color image




Analogous Color

#ff0080 color image





Split Complementary Colors

#0080ff color image

#00ff80 color image





For the SILVER in your branding:

Complementary Color

#c5b8b8 color image





Analogous Color

#b8c5bf color image





Split Complementary Color

#b8bfc5 color image

#c5b8bf color image





As you can see, just two colors — red and silver — yield a wide range of bold and subtle complements. And that’s just across a small sliver of the color wheel.

Color coordination is both an art and a science. When you’re looking for a great car wrap color, have fun with it! Go bold, if you like! Or keep it simple and subtle.

Whatever works best for you and your brand.

And remember, NW Sign Solutions is ready to help you find the perfect combination of colors. We work with the finest wrap vinyls which offer the best choices in just about any color you can imagine. Give us a call today to get started on your own vehicle wrap!


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