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If any particular type of signage could be labeled as the true workhorse of the group, perhaps it would be something in the category of event signs and banners.

We could make a similar claim about each and every type of signage produced by the in-house team of Vancouver sign experts at NW Sign Solutions. But event signs and banners are so thoughtfully designed, so specific and targeted in their messaging, so ultimately helpful, so sturdy that they make a rightful claim to the throne.

Event signs and banners are part of an overlapping category of business and event signage.

Each can be used in a variety of ways and for a variety of uses — everything from parking directionals used for concerts and shows to banners announcing the reopening of a local favorite store or restaurant after a recent remodel.

In fact, it makes good sense to have an event or a banner sign announcing the closure, one posted during the closure, and a final one announcing the reopening!


Banners are especially common sights in and around town. There are lots of reasons for this.

Businesses come and businesses go. Businesses change ownership or relocate. Businesses adjust hours or expand their menus or home delivery options. (This was a common reason restaurants needed banners during the pandemic.)

Businesses also need a way to communicate to passersby that there are special events or sales going on. Banners are great at drawing attention, and they’re flexible in their size and placement.

Some business owners drape them across their front entrances. Others place them atop the building itself or along fences. Some are pinned or tied up; others are supported by frames.

Since banners are designed to be displayed outdoors, they can be made of varying weights and materials. This is helpful with the often cold, rainy, and otherwise wintry elements abundant here in the Pacific Northwest.

Banners used for outdoor displays can be hemmed with grommets or the grommets can be used to produce reinforced corners.

Finally, the messaging will be yours to create. We can help you brainstorm messaging if that suits your style. Or, if you have an idea or an existing banner that needs updating, we can simply use your design and call it awesome.

We’ve got event banners, pole/street banners, sports/sponsorship banners, and more. And with NW Sign Solutions as your partner, you’ll be sure to get noticed.

Event Signs

For event signs, consider our options. We have many.

For example, for trade show displays, we can produce full-booth-sized pop-up displays so that your booth has a beautiful and attention-grabbing backdrop.

In fact, regardless of the type of event — indoor, outdoor, lobby, booth, table, conference room, etc. — we can create a banner with eye-catching graphics. Or one that’s affixed to a retractable banner stand. These are available in a wide range of sizes — from 24 inches to 60 inches wide and as tall as 92 inches.

Other event signs of note available from the Vancouver signage experts at NW Sign Solutions: Tough and durable business signs made of corrugated plastic (aka coroplast). These can be used for a lot of different purposes, such as directional signs for special events or hiring fairs.

There’s so much variety in event signs and banners — way too much to fit on a single web page. The best solution to this conundrum of too many wonderful options is NW Sign Solutions. We can help you decide which choice is right for you and your business.

We’ve been doing just that since 2007, which is getting to be a long time ago. Time flies when you’re having fun making signs and banners for our business partners in the Vancouver metropolitan area!

We manage large orders and custom orders with equal ease. High-quality outdoor banners, custom sizes, banner displays for business, yard signs, full-color grand opening signs and banners, customized banners of all shapes and sizes, vinyl banners, banner flags, and so much more.

The best choice for event signs and banners in Vancouver and the Portland metro area is at NW Sign Solutions.

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