A Monument Sign is a exterior freestanding sign that is not affixed to a building. Most often a monument sign sits on a concrete foundation that extends two to three feet into the ground making them the most permanent type sign in the industry.

Monument Signs are often placed near traffic paths not only to advertise your business but help identify your business location – normally near the entrance, but off the road. Monument Signs send a clear message to potential customers that a business is well established, creating a sense of stability.

NW Sign Solutions can design and fabricate monument signs that match the architecture and motif of your building as well as the neighborhood. Monument Sign displays are large, allowing drivers to read the business name and easily see your logo which helps them find your building more easily. Some Monument Signs are internally or externally illuminated, making them easy to read – day or night.

Custom Monument Signs provide an excellent source of street advertising for your business, office complex or location. Common materials for monument signs are brick, stone, wood, aluminum and high density foam (so high that it withstands blows from a hammer).

Nearly all Monument Signs will require a permit from the city or county. We can assist your business in that process or take care of it completely.

Our experienced team of design professionals will review your company’s signage needs and goals and present exciting ideas and custom solutions with your specific needs and wants in mind.

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