Whether it’s to add a touch of professionalism to a company vehicle or to add the final touch on your personal ride, NW Solutions SUV/Car Wraps in Vancouver have you covered.

SUV/Car Wraps Vancouver

From high-quality custom graphics on your tricked-out whip to consistent branding on your vehicle fleet, NW Sign Solutions SUV/car wraps in Vancouver will give your car the look you want. When it comes to the design of your wrap, there’s almost nothing we can’t produce, especially when you bring ready-to-go designs.

For a business, your SUV/Car wrap can get your name out in the community all day, every day. Custom car wraps stand out on the crowded highways and byways of the Vancouver area and keep you in front of potential customers that are looking for your services now. No matter the type of vehicle, NW Sign Solutions has the SUV/Car wrap that is the perfect wrap for you.

In addition to vehicle wrap services, we also offer cost-effective window decals for the windows of your SUV or car. While the windows may look to be completely covered, we use a window perf (a series of small holes) film or vinyl that allows you to see out without anyone seeing in. Matte black and gloss black are popular choices in car wraps. A custom vinyl car wrap for your windows is a great way to get your name out there or reduce glare in your SUV or car.

What is an SUV/Car Wrap?

Depending on what you’re going for, an SUV/Car Wrap can be a door or tailgate covering or a wrap that covers the entire car. We’ve worked on smaller sedans and full-sized SUVs for delivery cars, service vehicles, and other purposes in Vancouver, WA.

A wrap is essentially a large sticker that is custom created to cover your SUV or car. Instead of giving your car a custom (and costly) paint job for your business, a wrap will serve the same purpose. When it’s time to upgrade, the wrap can be removed or replaced.

The whole process won’t affect won’t affect the finish of a professionally painted car, either. Our SUV/Car wraps also act as a level of paint protection as well, especially if you go with a wrap for the entire vehicle.

How Long Do SUV/Car Wraps Last?

When done professionally, SUV and car wraps can stand the test of time. To get the most out of your SUV or car wrap, you’ll want to make sure it’s done right–a peeling wrap on the company car reflects badly on the business. And you don’t want to get clowned for having bubbling or peeling wraps on your car, either.

Proper care includes hand washing or a brushless car wash, keeping it out of the sun for long periods, and keeping the vehicle in a garage when possible. With maintenance, the wrap will last longer. When installed and cared for correctly, your SUV/Car wrap should give you five to seven years of beautiful coverage.

You could try to apply an SUV/car wrap yourself but without the proper training (full wraps are an art), tools or material, it can be difficult to make sure everything lines up properly. Not to mention what trapped air can do to the finished product.

NW Sign Solutions has been applying SUV/Car wraps for nearly two decades and keeps up to date on the latest processes, tools, and materials. You won’t have to worry about the look of your work vehicle when you work with us, so you’ll get years of stress-free service out of your wrap.

Work with SUV/Car Wrap Vancouver Experts

A custom wrap for your vehicle transforms your SUV/Car from something ordinary to extraordinary. We provide the perfect solution to get your business name out in the community. Our customer service team can’t be beaten and we offer free quotes for single vehicles as well as fleets.

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