Uniform fleet graphics help broadcast professionalism, security, and brand cohesion, and give peace of mind to  customers as your service or delivery vehicle arrives.

When a business has four or more service or delivery vehicles, we would consider that a fleet. Fleet graphics are important for several reasons. Often times it’s required that a business have their vehicle  branded when going to certain locations.  This is usually for safety reasons. Even when pulling up to a residence, it helps the home owner know who just pulled up and can set the tone for the initial conversation. Brand recognition is another important reason for vehicles in the fleet to be branded with the company graphics, not just on the highway but in the neighborhood as well.

Types of businesses that frequently brand their fleet with graphics are electrical, plumbing, landscape, heating and cooling companies, to name a few.

While advertising may not be the primary purpose for some fleets to be branded or wrapped, it definitely has great potential for increasing the bottom line for every company that has a fleet.

Many of the service type businesses make the investment in a wrap instead of graphics for the reason of increasing their customer base. A full vehicle wrap is not always the best choice for fleets and we can create a partial wrap for your company’s vehicles that helps you to stand out against your competition.

Fleet graphics that make an impression!

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