Pole/pylon signs in Vancouver WA, Portland OR, and elsewhere attract a lot of viewers. They are a mainstay on the American (and worldwide) traveler and commuter landscape.

Pole and pylon signs are different names for the same type of signage and branding solutions. Generally speaking, pole/pylon signs are freestanding and installed at great heights — tall enough to be seen from many hundreds of feet away, in fact. That’s why engineers are usually required to determine their specifications.

However, pole signs differ from pylon signs in that the pole that holds them aloft is usually plain and unadorned. Pylon signs, on the other hand, often incorporate designs into the supporting poles or pylons themselves.

Unlike other types of signage, a pole/pylon sign’s effectiveness stems from its ability to communicate a brand or store location quickly and efficiently despite being situated much higher than eye level.

This requires a dash of forethought and a dose of creativity — both of which are in good supply at NW Sign Solutions. The forethought comes in the form of a question: Is a pole/pylon sign in Vancouver WA right for you and your business?

The Right Solution: Pole/Pylon Signage

Think of a pole/pylon sign as a taller version of a monument sign.

Among other similarities, both are typically made of sturdy and durable materials designed to last for years, if not decades. Both can be crafted with a lightbox design or LEDs to illuminate the signage, as well as other design and lighting elements. And both can feature a single business or a number of different businesses (in front of a shopping plaza, for example).

The difference, as we’ve mentioned, is in the relative heights of the two types of signage. Pole/pylon signs can be quite tall; that’s why you see them so often along major thoroughfares and highways.

Keep in mind — this is where that forethought comes back into play — that we’ll need to discuss and anticipate potential challenges to the installation of a pole/pylon sign in Vancouver, Portland, and the rest of the metro area.

Like many parts of the country, the Vancouver/Portland region is made up of multiple counties, cities, towns, and neighborhoods. Where will your sign be located? Are there height restrictions when it comes to signage?

Remember, these signs can be installed atop towering structures meant to be seen from a great distance. How high can you build your pole/pylon sign? What are the zoning restrictions and rules and regulations that oversee signage in your area?

Don’t worry. As we discuss your project, we’ll be sure to take all of this into account. And we’ll certainly craft something that reflects your presence, your brand, and its prominence within the local business community.

NW Sign Solutions: Customizable Pole/Pylon Signs

We can customize your pole/pylon sign using existing collateral or we can create something fresh and exciting from scratch.

An outdoor sign of this type becomes as much a part of the landscape it occupies as the buildings that make up the business. Whichever approach we take, and no matter where we begin, we’ll be sure to integrate your business’ philosophy and its personality into your signage.

Working with NW Sign Solutions means you have a creative partner at your disposal. We’ll work together to bring your signage to vibrant life. Commuters and others will know and identify your brand with your products and/or services.

That goes for any and all of our outdoor signage options, including:

Plus, we can create further branding integrations with your indoor signage, too! These include:

We’ve been in business since 2007. You may have seen some of our work while you were out and about over the last decade and a half.

Whether you’re a large company or a small business, we’ll help turn commuters into customers.

For the absolute best in pole/pylon signs in Vancouver, Washington, and beyond, get in touch with NW Sign Solutions today.

Let us help create your perfect first impression – Call us and we can make a pole/pylon sign for your business.

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