Electrical signs are often the highest investment that a business will make. They offer visibility 24 hours a day and can be exceptionally eye catching to the passer by.

Most of our clients are small to medium sized businesses with a store front that needs an illuminated sign on the fascia of their building. Channel letter electrical signs (three dimensional fabricated, illuminated using neon or LED lighting) are a great choice because they can have a very classy appearance for a reasonable cost.

There are other options such as reader boards being a bit more expensive on the average and light boxes that are less costly.

Most illuminated signs use LEDs these days which use less electricity, light-up much better, and last much longer than the fluorescent lamps that were used in a lot of the electrical signs just a few years ago.

In addition to electrical building signs there are a couple of other common types of signs that are often illuminated. Pylon signs are free standing signs with visible poles and supports buried in the ground usually extending up above obstructions so as to be seen by traffic.

Monument signs have a lower overall height with some portion of the base contacting the ground. These are not always electrical signs but can be.
Electrical signs always require permits and inspection by the city or county depending on their location.

All of the electrical signs that we design and have manufactured are UL Listed and pass any requirements needed for permitting.

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