Box truck wraps improve your brand awareness in the communities you live and work.

With so many options for marketing and forms of advertising–radio, newspaper, mailings, online–it can be hard to know the best ways to reach potential customers. You have to figure out which methods are most cost-effective and provide a return on investment. With full box truck wraps, you’ll get your name in front of the community you’re already serving in a big way.

Whether it’s a single vehicle or a fleet, box truck wraps turn your work trucks into rolling, mobile billboards. Using vehicle graphics featuring your brand and other eye-catching designs, you’ll get your name out in your community, both on the road and at a job site. Box truck graphics will advertise your company no matter where you are.

Box Truck Wraps on the Job

For example, if you own and operate a plumbing business, you can advertise your business while you’re at the worksite. As your vehicle sits outside–looking awesome with digitally printed and cool-looking box truck wrap designs–potential customers will drive by and create top-of-mind awareness.

In a neighborhood, this kind of contact is invaluable. If someone is already thinking about a leaky faucet or needing a hot water heater, your name is right there, complete with URL or other contact info. It may even prompt neighbors to ask about your business and the work you did. Word of mouth and personal recommendations are incredibly important for any service business.

These wraps will also lend an air of legitimacy to your business. What looks more professional: a plain white box truck, the words “wash me” written on the back? Or a slick vehicle wrapping that shows your logo, contact info, and custom designs that are expertly installed?

Do you take your vehicle home after the job? Boom–More free advertising even when you’re not on the job! The only downside may be you have to schedule estimates when you’re off the clock. But… are more scheduled appointments really a downside?

High-Quality Designs for your Box Truck Wrap

The NW Signs Solutions design team has years of experience incorporating your brand or logo into full or partial wraps for your box truck. We will design, print, and install the vehicle wraps or work with your existing designs if you already have marketing materials. If you don’t know anything about graphic design, we can help with that too.

Box Truck Wrap Installation

That investment will be protected by the expert installation at NW Sign Solutions. Our box truck vehicle wraps are more than just big stickers stuck on the sides of the truck. Our high-quality graphic films are installed according to industry installation standards to ensure durability and longevity.

In most cases, these wraps last five to seven years with little to no maintenance. They’ll stand up to the true four-season weather we get in the Pacific Northwest. Some of our box truck vehicle wraps have lasted up to a decade depending on how the vehicles are stored.

Vehicle Wrap Experts

In addition to box trucks, NW Sign Solutions wraps boats, food trucks, and other vehicles for both work and play purposes. Announce your presence with authority at trade shows, conventions, food pods, and other commercial events. And when you’re done with work, make an impression on the lake or river with your custom-wrapped speed boat.

Whatever you’re hoping to accomplish with your vehicle wrap, we’re here to make it happen. Reach out to NW Sign Solutions and find out what we can do to help amplify your business while working in the community you serve.

Box truck wraps that make an impression!

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