NW Sign Solutions is an industry leader in business signs, banners, directional signs, and more. Directional signs in Vancouver WA are a necessity for many companies looking for ways to not only stand out from the crowd but also to guide it.

Directional signs Vancouver WA — sometimes called wayfinder or arrow signs — are hot items these days.

NW Sign Solutions is here and ready to work with business owners, event planners, and others who need high-quality, customized directional signs in Vancouver WA or Portland OR.

A directional sign is more than just an arrow, though. It alerts potential customers not just to the location of your store but to its very existence. Or, in the case of the recent COVID pandemic, it lets potential customers know you’re open for business — and how you’re open for business.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the things to consider when creating the perfect directional sign. Then give NW Sign Solutions a call to get started on some designs for your very own directional signs.

Directional Signs: Materials

Directional signs in Vancouver and the surrounding metropolitan areas can be produced using a variety of materials. Metals (aluminum, for example; these make for excellent reflective surfaces). Wood for a timeless and classic look. Plastics and vinyl for durability and acrylics for tough-as-nails durability. We can even work on reclaimed materials, which can often give signs a wonderful texture and added appeal.


Directional signs are crucial to businesses dealing with construction obstructions or road and/or sidewalk maintenance and repairs. They’re also absolute necessities for events, concerts, parking, sales and so much more.

Directional signage is also the perfect solution for interior spaces, whether these are event spaces or a multilevel office building during regular business hours.

In other words, wayfinding signs are everywhere because they need to be. They can be used indoors and outdoors to provide direction to events and offices, of course. But they can also be used to name those event spaces and offices and to differentiate and distinguish them from others (e.g., parking lots, traffic flow lanes for drive-thrus, waiting areas, etc.).

They’re also perfect solutions for labeling entries and exits, bathrooms, customer service desks, and for displaying maps, store hours, and more.

And there’s a lot involved in the creation of a good directional sign.


Business signage, which includes outdoor signs and directional signs, is not merely informational. It also enhances a company’s brand and image in the minds of potential customers. When you work with the Vancouver sign experts at NW Sign Solutions, we’ll craft a directional sign that reinforces your brand while imparting whatever information you’re looking to convey.

Make sure your directional signs are welcoming, reassuring, and beautiful by working with the pros at NW Sign Solutions. We offer full-service, custom sign solutions.

From concept to creation, you can be involved in every step of the process. We use our own production manager and in-house graphic designers and installers, too, so you know where to turn for adjustments and tweaks, if necessary.

There will always be a need for bold, informative directional signage — both inside and out of businesses across the region. Even in our increasingly digitized world, there is a tremendous need for traditional signage that informs while enhancing your brand’s image.

In other words, a directional sign, wall mount sign, or A-frame lets people know where to go and what to do. But it also serves as an extension of your business’ marketing and communications efforts.

NW Sign Solutions

Our goal is to be the go-to hub for directional signs in Vancouver, Portland, and the rest of the metro area. We’ll work with you to create more than just directional signs, too.

We’re experts at all kinds of marketing collateral — from monument signs to lobby signs to custom wall murals and more. Take a look at our portfolio. You may be surprised at just how many possibilities there are!

NW Signs has been creating directional signs in Vancouver, Washington, since 2007. We’re owned and operated by locals who want your business to succeed as much as you do.

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