How Much Does It Cost To Wrap a Boat

boat wrap in vancouver, waYour boat is an important asset that brings hours of fun and relaxation, especially when you are able to take it out on the water to enjoy beautiful spring and summer Northwest weather.  If your boat needs a new and updated look there are several options for you to consider. Though you could paint it the traditional way, vinyl wrapping allows for even more creativity with your boat’s appearance, so it can be truly unique and stand out on the water. If you want more information on vinyl wraps and want to know how much it costs to wrap a boat, keep reading – we can help!

What’s a vinyl boat wrap?

A vinyl wrap is created when a pressure-sensitive vinyl is applied to the boat’s already painted surface. It sticks on gently and can change the overall finish and color of your boat. You have likely seen vinyl wraps on other vehicles, vans, or race cars that have company logos on them, or other art designs. Vinyl will help protect your boat’s original paint job similar to how it does vehicles.

Boat wraps are customizable, meaning you can design the wrap and graphics to be unique to fit your tastes. A new vinyl boat wrap will give you boat a sleek and clean look that will make people at the lake or river turn their heads in awe when you pass by. How much of the boat do you want to wrap? Before we wrap your boat, we will show you the mock-up and you decide. Depending on the size of your boat and how much you want wrapped, we can complete the job in a few days. That means you can get back out on the water soon and enjoy the new enhanced look.

boat side wrap vancouver waVinyl boat wraps usually begin about $1,400 and will go up from there, depending on the size and style of boat that we’re wrapping. If you just want some vinyl graphics to make your boat’s exterior look great, you can expect to pay about half that price before the cost of installation is added in. Just like with vehicles, the amount of coverage and complexity determines the final price.

Check with us to see what our prices are and how we can get you started on your boat’s new design! We are standing by to help you get your vinyl wrap project started so you can get out there and enjoy summer on the water.

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