How Does The Design Process Work?

As a full service sign company, NW Sign Solutions offers our design services for logos, vehicle wraps, signs, window graphics and more. For most projects, we offer a basic design process that includes 1 – 2 iterations (changes) of the design, which is usually enough to complete the job. If more revisions are asked for, it falls into our design category which is generally charged at a rate of $75 per hour with ½ hour minimum.

Occasionally a customer may want a much more complicated or time consuming design. For projects that take multiple changes to complete, we offer our reasonably priced design service, often on a per project basis.


If you’re looking to keep your costs down and get the most out of the design process, here are some helpful tips to keep your change requests to a minimum:

Group your changes

– Go over the design in the initial proof carefully and make sure any adjustments you may want are all asked for at once (if possible). Elements such as font, sizing, colors, layout, etc. should all be looked over and considered when thinking of making any changes. Combine as many ‘tweaks’ as you can think of on the first request rather than with several subsequent requests. This can save time as well as money.

Check for Errors

– Proof read carefully! It is usually advantageous to have someone else look at it as well. Any spelling mistakes, wrong phone numbers, etc. made on the project that were on an approved proof can generally be fixed, but at your expense.

Measure twice – cut once

– Check sizes carefully, and if you provided us measurements, it may be a good idea to re-measure again just to be sure.


-Projects that are color-match imperative cannot be approved via the proof. You must see the color printed in person, or choose a stock color in order to meet your color-dependent design needs. More critical color matching is time consuming. We can give you a quote on this service if needed.


What is a proof?

A proof is a PDF file that the designer will send that shows a digital mock-up of your logo, design, sign, vehicle wrap, etc. Its purpose is to give you a visual of what your product will look like. This gives you the option to change wording, font, size, colors, placement, etc. before production. When the proof is sent, the 1-2 iterations limit comes in play.

What if I want a specific color that is important to my design?

Because there are so many variables with color, it’s impossible to choose something exact over a computer monitor or piece of paper. Every monitor displays colors differently and every printer has different color profiles. While we digitally print most of our graphics, another option is colored vinyl (stock colors) that can be cut and applied to your sign or vehicle. By doing this, you’re ensuring that the color you choose from that palette will be the exact color placed on your sign or vehicle. If the specific color you want is not available, digitally printing samples is the only other choice. This can be an iterative, tedious process, but well worth the end product!

What’s next after the proof is approved?

Once we receive written (scan/email) final approval, we will begin production on the project and schedule the install, if any, and/or give an estimated completion date. If any changes are requested after final approval is given, there may be an extra charge.

What if I have no real design concept, can you help with that?

We can absolutely help with multiple project needs. Whether it’s designing a logo, making a working file with existing artwork, or coming up with the entire concept, we will work with you to meet your design needs.

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