Design Tips for Temporary Signs

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Just because it’s temporary, doesn’t mean it’s low-quality. Whether you are offering a seasonal product, a museum exhibit display, or need visuals for a trade show, temporary signage can make it happen. It’s a great way to introduce a timely statement about new services without re-vamping your entire marketing strategy. 

So how do you create a sign that doesn’t look disposable?
Consider the size of your signage: Restaurants need small, table-fitting menus, while car dealerships require large-scale banners to catch the eye of their clientele. Make sure your sign is sized appropriately for the message and the way in which potential customers will view it.
Who will be looking at it? At a restaurant, patrons will be eyeing tabletop displays closely for specials or new desert offerings. Alternatively, car dealerships target an audience of drivers who may not notice their visual without a properly sized installation. For larger projects, consider a weather-treated banner that can hang directly on your location or be suspended on poles for a far-reaching visual that makes its mark.
Images: Depending on the size of your sign, you may be able to fit more than just your logo and targeted information. Visually-striking images are a key consideration when marketing your business to a wide-variety of clients. What images best represent your business? A tree care service would benefit from a natural graphic or photo, while an electric company may rely on more metaphoric images, such as a light bulb or bolt of lightning. Use your creativity and come up with an image that reflects your unique product.
How Disposable? Another consideration is just how disposable you need your temporary sign to be. Is your message a seasonal one or is this sign specific to a one-day-event? Make sure that signs used for longer stretches are made from more durable materials and can be installed securely.
Permits: Temporary signs posted on or outside a building sometimes require permits. Consult your city hall’s planning department for more information on the permit laws in your area.
Temporary signage is an excellent way to keep your promotions current. By researching the type and size of sign you will need you make sure that the sign you purchase communicates a clear, targeted message that positively impacts your outreach demographic.
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