Is My Vehicle Wrap-Ready?

before vehicle wrap

Here are some considerations to ensure you get the best return on your investment – saving time and money and extending the life of your wrap.

Just before you bring it in –

Most wraps, once scheduled, can be completed within 24-48 hours.  Here are some helpful steps to ensure the fastest turnaround time.

  1. The vehicle should be thoroughly washed prior to the wrap install. A carwash is fine, but, please, no wax.  If you forget, and wax is applied, we can remove it, but it does take a little more time (and cost).
  2. All surfaces need to completely dry prior to application. We usually advise bringing your vehicle to our shop the day before installation, so we can pull it inside to dry overnight.
  3. If the vehicle has a rack, ensure a better wrap by removing it before you bring the vehicle in.KGW 2016 blog photo-during vehicle wrap
  4. Be aware that wrap vinyl cannot be installed over rubber or plastic. Generally, all emblems, name plates, dealer stickers, and rubber or plastic trim should be removed.

Paint Considerations  –

A common concern is whether a wrap could damage the vehicle.

Actually, for a vehicle whose paint is currently in good condition, a quality installation can protect and extend the life of the paint.  Professional removal of the wrap within its 3-5 year lifespan will, in most circumstances, leave the paint looking good as new.

It’s when the paint is oxidized or peeling or poor quality that the wrap may be prone to failure and lifting. Non factory paint is a factor that can cause removal problems. To reduce these risks, installation and removal by experienced technicians is a must.

Wrap-Ready Vehicle

Stay tuned for our follow-up blog on care and maintenance after the install


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