Types of Dimensional Signs

Promoting your business properly requires visually-engaging signage that compels passersby to notice, remember, and ultimately purchase your services. If you want to create a truly effective and dynamic sign, dimensional lettering is an appealing option.
Dimensional signs come in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and fonts, so understanding your options is key to finding the perfect fit for your business.
Here at NW Sign Solutions, we offer beautiful, high-quality designs, crafted to your specifications. The following are just a few of the options we offer to help you make the most of your advertising vision.
Metal Laminate Letters
Alpha Tech Dimensional Sign
Laminate letters with a metallic face are perfect for indoor signage in lobbies or offices. The metallic face can be finished in chrome, brushed metal, alloy, and many others upon request. Our most popular option is gold on black. These letters are sold most often at ½” and 1” depth.
Reclaimed Material Signage
Toyota Metallic Lobby Sign Dimensional Signs
Looking for signage made from upcycled materials? NW Sign Solutions has you covered. We source old steel or aluminum, run it through a laser cutter or waterjet to cut out your desired shape, and install the letters offset from your wall or outdoor surface. This lettering type is not only environmentally friendly but equally appealing inside or outside, a perfect, rustic fit for businesses seeking for a fresh look that supports green practices.
Aluminum Composite
Saxco Aluminum Composite Sign Dimensional Signs
Want a cost-effective option that’s also attention-grabbing and professional?  Aluminum composite material (ACM) is made of two pre-painted sheets of .012″ aluminum with a solid polyethylene core.  The letters are routed out – in just about any size or shape – and mounted directly to a wall, the side of a building, or to a square or rectangle piece of acrylic, for indoor use.  We can paint or add vinyl to the letters/shapes to match your logo.  ACM dimensional signs are inexpensive to manufacture, making them favorites among new businesses seeking attractive, budget-friendly advertising.
Acrylic Lettering
Mid Pacific Acrylic Lettering Sign Dimensional Signs
Versatile is the word with acrylic lettering! This type of signage is shiny and comes in a wide variety of colors. Place indoors or outdoors to promote any type of business, mounted flush to the wall or stood off for added dimension.
Molded Plastic
Hockinson Cafe Molded Plastic Sign Dimensional Signs
Molded plastic is another attractive, inexpensive option that works well indoors or out. This lettering is formed from hollow plastic, making it lightweight and easy to install; a great fit for businesses of all kinds.
HDU Sign Foam
Lennar Business Sign Dimensional Signs
If you’re looking for the industry standard in outdoor applications, look no further than HDU sign foam. This dimensional lettering can be sandblasted, router-cut, or carved to create a stunning, long-remembered look. We offer multiple densities, enabling your lettering to age gracefully while remaining durable. Business owners seeking fine craftsmanship need look no further than this expertly sculpted lettering type.
Have other ideas? NW Sign Solutions offers a wide variety of dimensional signs, including options in steel, aluminum, and wood. Call us today to turn your signage dream into reality.
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