Make a Big Impression with Professional Wall Murals

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Wall murals play a huge role in the image portrayal of many companies today. A vast majority of them are in the lobbies or other trafficked areas of a business. Whether in the showroom of a car dealership or the workout areas of the fitness center wall murals have the ability to raise the image of the business’s brand while enhancing the environment with a one of a kind custom look. It can be as small as the wall behind the reception desk or the side of the building. Here are a few options that we can provide for our clients:


wall murals vancouver wa

PhotoTex is a fabric with a removable adhesive. Businesses or individuals who want to make a bold statement inside or out, have a cost-effective and versatile option in PhotoTex. That’s because PhotoTex wall murals are removable and can be repositioned if a client feels the need. They can be placed on any flat surface, including glass, wood, plastic, or painted walls. The process is also quick, so you will see results in no time. PhotoTex is best where people aren’t going to be placing their hands on it on a regular basis.

Commercial Grade Vinyl

If you want a wall mural in an area that is highly trafficked, such as an office or school hallway, you’re probably better off going with professionally-installed commercial grade vinyl. While this method does require an adhesive (unlike the self-adhesive PhotoTex), commercial-grade vinyl manufacturers provide numerous textures to choose from to fit the exact specifications you have in mind. Plus you don’t have to be concerned about its durability when people are putting their hands on it.

Rough and Textured Material

This unique material is designed to be installed over concrete, cinder block or even brick. It can used for several years but is recommended for shorter term use such as celebratory events.

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