Reclaimed signs are made from previously used materials. Not only environmentally friendly, signs using reclaimed materials create a unique look that is right at home here in the Northwest.

Reclaimed signs are great choice for your business if you want to display your brand in a unique and creative way. It is possible to use many types of reclaimed materials from buildings, including wood, steel, glass and bricks. Using wood from a building demolition as a backdrop for a sign, or the actual sign for that matter, is a great example. And it is just one of many ways for you to incorporate the uniqueness of reclaimed materials when it comes to signage.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using reclaimed materials is the uniqueness of the sign you can create. The look is one-of-a-kind and attention grabbing. In addition, the signs often become a conversation piece in your place of business. Whether the material was personally owned or gathered somewhere else, there is a story behind it. And the story behind the sign can be re-told to customers time and again.

Want some fun ideas? A car dealership can reclaim steel from it’s specific makes of cars at local salvage yards. Then, the steel is cut specifically and used as directional signage or a lobby sign. A contractor can use bricks from a job site to create a monument sign at it’s entrance. Studs from a tear down create a warm backdrop for metal letters in a retail store. The possibilities are endless!

Some examples of materials we’ve used in our reclaimed signs include saw blades from a mill in Warrenton, Oregon, metal from a ’65 Mustang, a ’64 Impala, and a ’67 Chevelle, and wood from a cedar barn and pallet boards. Let us work with you to create unique, creative signage for your business that has a story! You’ll love your sign!

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