Business Signs – Which Type is Right for Your Company? (Part 2)

Bridge Chiropractic business lobby sign

Now that we’ve covered major outdoor signage, let’s move on to some other possibilities, including window graphics, commercial wallcoverings and more. Next, there are interior business signs, most commonly referred to as lobby signs. Lobby signs, like building signs, can be dimensional or flat with numerous material options. Having a focal point in your lobby or entrance is a great way to welcome your customers and have a lasting, positive first impression.

Whether it’s behind a reception desk or spanning along a showroom wall, lobby signs can help identify your business while, again, furthering your company’s brand recognition with your customers. Similarly, window graphics also help identify your business in but in a much more unique way.

business window graphics and commercial wallcovering for Heat Guy LLCWindow graphics are a great way to have marketing in multiple forms. They utilize a space that’s normally left blank, putting your space to work for you. Being at eye level usually, it’s a benefit by catching wandering eyes much quicker. Graphics on windows are a great way to get more ‘bang for your buck’ and often is a less expensive way to, at a minimum, identify your company. Once again, this sign option comes with different materials and options that serve different purposes and have ranging costs. Perforated window vinyl, and cut vinyl are a few common possibilities.

A popular option that’s usually used for privacy is etched or frosted vinyl. It allows for a more decorative, classy look while providing some privacy as well as design elements. Depending on the type of business and what the needs are, a solution to several signage applications can be fulfilled using temporary or mobile signs, even special event signs.

Collage of stand up postersHave you ever seen an a-frame sign on a street corner with an arrow directing your parking? It’s possible you’ve seen a banner announcing the world’s greatest fireworks tent up ahead. A-frames (or sandwich board signs), banners, and pop-up trade show displays are just a few temporary, mobile, and/or event sign options available. These are beneficial for specials, anniversaries, announcements, and way-finding as they are usually the least inexpensive signage options that are meant to be removed, handled, or replaced often. Whether your company needs new yards signs often or to showcase special deals, we can help find which temporary option will best suit your requests! Lastly, but certainly not least, a newly popular highly innovative signage option is wallcoverings and murals.

Commercial wallcoverings or murals can further enhance the look of your business.  Both internal and external walls can be excellent areas for wall graphics. Bringing elements of creativity and professionalism to your work space can help you stand out and can also be a branding tool. Because these can be customized, many customers utilize this option to bring functionality to their walls such as a dry-erase calendar or a production chart.

stained glass commercial wallcoveringsThere are different materials available that make it possible to use commercial wallcoverings on different surfaces as well as for different periods of time and usability. For long term and high traffic areas such as hallways and restrooms, a durable, commercial-grade adhesive backed vinyl, or a printable wallcovering are good choices.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are materials that are made to be for temporary use. Removable commercial wallcoverings that won’t damage the wall or leave any adhesive behind is a great option for branding in a leased office or to change up decorations and keep the office looking fresh! There are even special vinyl materials that are made specifically for mounting to the outside of buildings on concrete and similar substrates. This material will contour to the shape and stand up to the elements for years. Being so unique in its application, custom murals may just be the perfect way to spruce up your bland walls and help your company leave a lasting impression on customers and clients!

Vancouver sign company for commercial wallcoverings

All in all, there is no single solution to every company’s needs to branding and signage. However, there is a solution available that will fit your specific desires and requirements as well as your budget! As overwhelming as all of the different business signs can be, NW Sign Solutions is your expert go-to company for ensuring you get recognized in a quality, long-lasting way to best benefit you.

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