Rebranding: The Ins and Outs of Creating A New Business You

If you’re considering rebranding, then have we got some news for you! Rebranding is a fantastic way to give your business a fresh look — not to mention a fresh start.

Rebranding is the process by which a business entity undergoes a marketing transformation. It can include new logos, new color schemes, new messaging, and so much more.

Just think how many pieces of marketing collateral even the smallest business presents to the public: websites, business cards, storefront signs and graphics, vehicle wraps, logos, merchandise, lobby signs and window graphics, event banners, murals, and more.

Now imagine that each of those pieces of marketing collateral was given a facelift based on personal preference informed by data, research, and the experts at NW Sign Solutions.

That’s what we call a win, win, win, win, win ….

Small Business

NW Sign Solutions knows and understands small businesses. We’re one ourselves!

Whether you brew craft beer, manufacture wood products or services designed to keep people connected via social media, we know that it’s hard to stand out in a crowded market saturated with signage and other forms of marketing and advertising.

But we also know what it takes to slice through all that noise so that your business and product offerings remain front of mind in the minds of consumers, potential customers, and your target audience.

We work with many repeat customers for whom we have designed and produced signage. Often, these established businesses will return to us with an idea to do a rebrand. We’re happy to help, and we’re always happy to see a familiar face!

What Goes Into A Rebrand?

Rebranding makes it possible to upgrade and hone your business’ marketing space. It allows for the possibility of tremendous growth, market repositioning, and a significant ROI via revamped and reimagined signage.

Consumers appreciate rebrands. They like to feel involved in the rollout of new logos, colors, and marketing plans. You’ll definitely love the feedback.

But what goes into a rebrand? And how do we know that it will help a small business stand out from the crowd?

Well, first of all, we’ve seen it in action. Many of our rebranding projects have helped small businesses build their client base and grow revenue. That’s because a new look inspires regular customers and attracts new ones. It’s also a way to rally your employees behind something they can be part of and feel proud to promote and represent.

The rebranding process begins very much like creating an existing brand identity from scratch. Whether it’s a partial rebrand or a complete brand overhaul, the elements of rebranding your company are essentially the same. The process involves brainstorming ideas, finding ways to rethink visual elements, such as colors, imagery, fonts, and logos for both indoor and outdoor signage, and product packaging.

A big part of this initial phase is to decide exactly which pieces of marketing collateral you’d like to produce. Depending on a number of interconnected reasons, including location, a business’ specific marketing strategies will differ when it comes to rebranding. Some businesses have vehicle fleets; many do not. Some businesses need business cards; many do not.

NW Sign Solutions

We look forward to discussing a rebranding project with you. We have successfully rebranded a number of local businesses with proven branding strategies.

If your audience or client-based is changing — and chances are it is — or if you’d like a bigger piece of the market share, then a rebrand may be just the thing to jumpstart a new future for you, your business, and your employees.

Let’s start a conversation and begin the process of telling your story from a fresh perspective — one that achieves tremendous ROI for your marketing dollars and keeps customers coming in the front door and smiling on their way out, ready to return for more.

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