Your Boat needs a Boat Wrap!

Wear It Custom Boat Wrap

Here at NW Sign Solutions, we strive to use the top-of-the-line materials with cutting-edge ideas.

One of our newest projects was a very unique type of sign for business advertising—a boat wrap. Boat wraps are similar to vehicle wraps in that the mobility of this type of sign can get your business noticed all throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Portland and Vancouver metro areas.

Great for Businesses or Recreational Boaters

The boat wrap at the every top of the page is blue diamond plate vinyl along with logos for Great White Hooker Fishing and its sponsors. GWH Fishing is a fishing guide business based in Portland, OR that guides mainly the Willamette River and Columbia River. This wrapped boat will not only be a noticeable sign as it’s being driven, but will also get this business noticed by people from all over the northwest as it’s working in the water.

Recreational boat owners take advantage of boat wraps in order to customize or freshen up the exterior of their boat. Boat wraps do not require the removal of paint or existing graphics, which can make a boat wrap more affordable than a repaint. Returning your boat back to original color is a simple matter, as the boat wrap can be removed without damaging the underlying paint.

Boat Wraps: New Wave of Business Advertising

boat wrap in vancouver, wa

Having a boat wrap on your marine vessel is part of a new wave of business advertising that’s underutilized by most companies. Separate yourself from your competitors and spread the word about your business while enjoying yourself out on the water.

Graphic Impact, Easy to Care For

We can design and print your graphics onto vinyl wrap to give your boat a spectacular one-of-a-kind look, or we can wrap your boat in one of the many colored wrap films available now. New colors seem to come out every month.
Boat wraps can usually be done in a day or two after everything is approved and printed. That puts you back on the water fast looking better than ever before!

A vinyl boat wrap is easy to take care of. There is no buffing and polishing – just use soap and water to keep your boat wrap clean. Wax can be used if the boat wrap has a gloss finish. Our wraps are printed with the right kind of materials and installed in such a way that they are able to withstand the elements for five to seven years.

Your Boat Wrap Resource in Vancouver, WA

To see more photos of boat wraps, window graphics and more, visit our gallery. Like what you see? Interested in a boat or vehicle wrap? Contact us for a free estimate! 

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