How to use fleet vehicle wraps to your advantage

When it comes to advertising your business, a company’s vehicles are often underutilized as powerful marketing tools. Whether your business rents out vehicles, works business-to-business, or makes house calls and deliveries, taking advantage of this prime marketing real estate can help bring more business to your company. This is where fleet vehicle wraps come in handy.

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Fleet graphics are applied to the outside of your vehicle and represent your business to the world. However, if these graphics are poorly done, you can give the wrong impression of your business to potential customers. Here’s an overview of what information to include on fleet graphics to successfully drive traffic to your business.

What information should appear on fleet vehicle wraps?

The first thing to include in your fleet graphic design is the name of your company, preferably in the form of a logo. If your business does not have a logo or title design, it’s worth investing in a well-balanced graphic that is clearly legible from a fair distance away. After all, in many cases your potential customers will have only a few seconds to read the side of your vehicles while at a red light or driving past on a highway, so legibility is key. The company name and logo should be on both sides of your vehicle as well as the rear if possible, such as in the case of company vans, as this optimizes the available space. This is considered a basic ‘branding’ of your vehicle.

frontier electric vehicle wrapNext, your fleet vehicle wraps should include some kind of imagery that represents your business. If you run a flooring company, for instance, your vehicles probably shouldn’t include scenic pastures or other unrelated imagery. Instead, showing off examples of some of your flooring work should be included on fleet graphics. However, since this graphic is intended to be viewed in only a few seconds, ensuring the fleet graphics are clean and uncluttered is key to capturing new customers’ attention and making the right impression. If the imagery is inappropriate or irrelevant, people will not bother to read through your information, and you could lose out on a potential customer. This is considered a partial wrap, or it could be a full wrap, depending on your budget.

Finally, the next important thing to consider when designing fleet vehicle wraps is giving yourself room to include critical company details. Your customers need to know what services your business offers, as well as any way to contact you, such as a phone number or a website address. These should be presented quickly and in a way that is easy to notice, such as on the side of the vehicle in an open space in the graphic so that it can be easily read. Too much graphical stacking can make your fleet vehicle too difficult to read.  Often, the rear of the vehicle is the best place for these details so potential customers driving behind your vehicle can read all about you.

Fleet vehicle wraps Vancouver, WA

At NW Sign Solutions, we pride ourselves in offering quality fleet wrap application services for both large and small businesses. If you would like more information about fleet graphic wraps, or would like to set up an appointment to get your business vehicles outfitted, contact us today. We’d be happy to help you drive your marketing to new customers.

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