Top Six Reasons You Need to Wrap Your Boat

You’ve made the decision to own a boat. You’ve made an important investment and can now enjoy the hours of fun and sport and relaxation it provides. In the Pacific Northwest, you are taking your boat out on the water from the spring through the late fall. And whatever the reason you enjoy boating – for sport, business or relaxation – you want to protect your investment … and you want your boat to look good! Many boaters choose a vinyl boat wrap to create a noticeable, custom look!

Naturally, you want that boat to look as fresh and exciting as the day you bought it. You found the boat of your dreams, bright & shiny, ready to carry you through the weekend. Eventually, you realize that your boat looks the same as all the other boats on the water. Who wants to look like everyone else?

What do you do when your boat needs customizing or updating? You could consider a traditional paint job. But why not try something more spectacular? Maybe something that won’t cost an arm and a leg? Perhaps something that will protect your investment and will last through many years to come? Definitely something that can be done for you by us at NW Sign Solutions in Vancouver, Wa.

If you’re not convinced yet, we’d like to offer 6 reasons why you should consider a boat wrap to protect and update/refresh the look of your boat!

 A Vinyl Boat Wrap Protects Your Boat’s Finish

Obviously, you want to protect that beautiful, expensive, factory finish. A wrap protects the boat’s exterior. So, if the exterior is in good shape, you’ll want to protect it as soon as possible. Vinyl boat wraps have a clear layer that protects your gel coat from harmful UV rays, preventing oxidation and fading. Not to mention, boat wraps save your exterior from minor scratches. When the wrap is removed, the exterior will look identical to the day you wrapped it,  protecting your boat’s resale value.

We can wrap almost any boat exterior from painted hulls (topcoat or undercoat), to gel coats to aluminum.

Boat Wraps are Highly Customizable

The process to wrap a boat allows for more creativity than your standard touch-up paint job. Whether you want simple lettering, a color change, or complete graphics coverage, you have unlimited options to customize your boat. You can start with your own design, or start from scratch, and our professional designer will work with you to create the perfect look.

One of our duck-hunting customers wrapped his boat in a custom camo print that we created from his design idea.

camo boat wrap

camo boat detail








Another customer wrapped his boat in matte black and then added his own industrial-looking metal trim.

Matte black boat wrapMatte black boat wrap with industrial metal accent






What we’re trying to say, is – any color or design can be yours and is limited only by your imagination!

With custom vinyl boat wrapping, graphics or lettering, your boat’s appearance can be truly unique. Your boat is sure to stand out from the others, whether on the trailer, in storage, and, naturally, out on the water.

A Vinyl Boat Wrap is Cost-Effective

The cost of wrapping a boat is dependent on a number of factors, but the bottom line is – it’s very affordable. According to (Vinyl Wrap vs Paint Job), “boat wraps are a more cost-efficient method of updating your boat’s aesthetic appearance, costing only about a third of what marine painting typically costs. As a result, many will decide to go the vinyl wrap route, simply because of its affordability.” In fact, you can change the look of your boat several times over for about the same cost as a professional paint job.

Boat Wraps are Flexible

A vinyl boat wrap doesn’t require that you remove existing paint. And returning your boat back to its original look, should you decide to do that, is a very simple process: The boat wrap is removable without damage to the underlying paint!

Best of all, vinyl boat wraps will last up to 5-7 years. Want to try a different design? It is simple to remove the existing wrap and install something new. If you want to go back to paint, (but, seriously, why would you?) your boat will look identical to the day it was wrapped.  This flexibility, and the affordability compared to paint, allows you to update your boat’s look as often as your mood changes!

A Boat Wrap Installation is Quick

Wrapping a boat typically takes as little as a day or two after the design has been approved and the vinyl is printed. If it’s just lettering, it takes as little as an hour or less. That means you can get your boat back in the water, or get it into storage, in no time!

Boat numbers    photo-jun-05-1-19-09-pm

A Vinyl Boat Wrap is Easy to Maintain

As a boat owner, you have better things to do with your time than spending hours buffing and polishing your boat. Wouldn’t you rather maximize your hours on the water? To keep your wrapped boat looking great, simply use soap and water. And if it gets scratched or dented? A simple patch will repair minor blemishes, with minimal time, if any, out of water.

Are you convinced yet?

Find Out More – No Cost, No Obligation

Just like with vehicles, the amount of coverage and complexity determines the final price. Check with us to get a quote, then we can get started on your boat’s new design!

If you’re interested in more information or in getting a free consultation for wrapping your boat, call us at NW Sign Solutions, 360-696-4033 or email us at Be sure to contact us, also,  if you’re interested in any of our wrap, sign, or branding services!

NW Sign Solutions is standing by to help you get your vinyl boat wrap project started. The months ahead will be busy, and the boating season will be here before you know it! Get in touch with us today so that you are ready to enjoy summer on the water – and with a fresh-looking boat to boot!

Happy Sails!

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