Wildrose Charters

Our latest project here at NW Sign Solutions was to wrap a vehicle for Alaska Wildrose Charters and Cabins. This was our second wrap done for a fishing guide business (the first wrap was a boat.) Wildrose Charters is located in Clam Gulch, Alaska and offers trips for Halibut and Salmon fishing. Covering most of the vehicle, this wrap is one of the best ways to get the business noticed–especially in the Portland, Oregon area. Our next project with this business is to wrap their boat to add more unique signage and increase the business customer base.

This particular vehicle wrap was done using a high quality Avery super-cast vehicle wrap material. The rear window is covered in window perf which allows the driver to see out the window, with onlookers seeing the logo and design. Installing this wrap took no time at all as it was done by two certified Feller’s installers.

The wrap was designed using the logo for Wildrose Charters along with pictures taken during guided trips. Showing some great catches of Halibut, the wrap advertises the possiblities. There are also pictures of Alaskan wildlife including a moose, bear, and several bald eagles to entice the eye and pique a customer’s interest.

WildRose Charters Vehicle Wrap

Also on this vehicles are two paintings on the back done by Dave Bartholet. This adds a completely unique feel to the design.

Wildrose Charters Car Wrap fleet wrap

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