Sound Design – Part 2: Sign Color

Typography, color theory, and balance are three major design concepts that help create a professional sign. Although it is often overlooked in our industry, sound design in your signage absolutely affects how potential clients perceive your business or brand.

Part 2: Color

Color theory is a science in itself. Many factors contribute to how an individual perceives a certain color including personal preference and cultural background. Although this subjectivity is very prevalent in color theory, there is a broad overall guide to how many people perceive different colors.

Warm colors such as Red, Orange, and Yellow are the colors of fire, the sun, and fall leaves. Generally speaking, they evoke strong feelings of warning, attention, authority and promptness. In many studies, red tends to indicate promptness and yellow induce hunger. These colors are used in many fast food restaurant logos & signage for this reason.

Fast Food Signs

Red & Yellow triggers thoughts of promptness & hunger, causing a direct psychological effect on customers.

Cooler colors like Blue, Green and Purple are often perceived to ‘quiet’ colors. They tend to evoke calm, relaxed and somewhat reserved feelings. Blue tends to also evoke thoughts of security and longevity. For this reason, banks, and financial companies overwhelmingly favor blue.

Sign Example

Blue triggers thoughts of security & calm, and thus are favored by banks and financial institutions. Red is often used as an accent to trigger thoughts of prompt service.

Effectively choosing a color pallet for a design goes beyond the individual tastes of the designer or client. The color scheme should be researched and targeted to the demographic being marketed to, as it causes real-world changes in interactions between your brand and potential customers.


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